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Bestiary Update #2 – The Freed One – Brotherhood of Free Men

Hello Harbingers!

It’s Monday, and you know what that means!  It’s time for us to reveal an item or Beast from Fate of the Elder Gods!  Last week, we took a poll to help figure out which cults you were all most interested in.  It was shocking for us to find out that you were most curious about Tsathoggua!  That being the case, we decided to share a Tsathogguan(ese?) beast with you for this update!

Meet what the Brotherhood of Free Men consider to be the manifestation of a sacrifice’s freedom; the Freed One!

Again, just a reminder to join the Discord community!  We want to converse with you all!  That’s the best way for us to create the best game.  Join Discord here.

Also, please continue helping us to get the word out.  This is all a numbers game, and unfortunately, we don’t get the benefit of Big Boy coverage (like IGN, PCGamer, Kotaku, etc); we’ve tried.  We have to work together to get the word out, despite the Old Boys’ Club that is the Video Game industry, right now.

Tomorrow is the Campfire Community Roundtable.  We’ll have several team members at twitch.tv/campfirestudios to talk about the game with you.  It’s your chance to ask us specific questions, or submit your opinions or ideas for the game.

Thank you all, and we look forward to talking to you!

Uh’eog ot shugg!

  • Campfire “Subzero” team

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