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Campfire Studios

Campfire Community Discord is Live

Hello, friends!

We’ve had many people ask for a Discord server where they can submit their ideas, see updates on the progress of our projects, and interact with people on the teams of the games they’re interested in.  We’re happy to announce that the Campfire Community Discord is LIVE!

You can join the fun, here.  We’re very much looking forward to talking to you and hearing your thoughts and ideas.  We are firm believers that the best games are created when the feedback of fans is listened to, so play a part in creating your favorite game!  We’re here to listen.

Now, not every idea will make it into the games, but the ideas will always be thought about as we’re making decisions on things, and many WILL.

In other news, Campfire has decided to postpone the launch of the Kickstarter campaign to October 22nd, to allow fans more time to sign up for the pre-launch and referral program.  You can find this announcement, here.

Again, as always, we appreciate your incredible support as fans.  The feedback and hype has been extroardinary and it is just another reason we do what we do.

Goka syha’h r’luh!


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