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This page is dedicated to answering the tough questions which we get asked a lot.

Who started Campfire Studios?

Campfire Studios was created by Kyle Richter, who is currently our President and C.E.O., in 2012.  Initially, he had an idea for an entertainment application that took the concepts of American Idol and Facebook and combined them together to create a way for aspiring book authors to break into the industry with a market of people ready to buy their products.

After being stonewalled by the publishing industry, he started contemplating what Campfire really meant to him.  Kyle always believed that software should be created to bring dreams to reality.  After being asked by several friends and family members to build small mobile apps and games for them, he realized that there a ton of people in the world with great ideas, but potentially limited capital.  In 2014, Kyle decided that he would refocus Campfire Studios to give people with a dream a cost-effective way to turn their passions into their careers.

Campfire has come a long way since then, having acquired partnerships and grown the team a lot.  But, the core ideals still persist.  To this day, Campfire does whatever it can to provide its services to curious entrepreneurs with a dream.

What types of games does Campfire build?

While we are equipped to take on games of virtually any scale and genre, Campfire remains true to its original ideas, focusing on smaller projects in the 2D space.  By utilizing every team member in every aspect of the development process, Campfire strives to take basic ideas or established rulesets and turn them into immersive adventures that everyone can enjoy.

Recently, Campfire has started to experiment with the 3d realm, as our upcoming title (from a partnership with Greater than Games) Fate of the Elder Gods will be an awesome combination of 2D and 3D assets, stitching together a strategy-based RPG adventure.

What makes Campfire Studios different from other companies?

This is a difficult question.  There are a ton of talented people in the game industry, and a plethora of amazing things come out of many companies in the industry on a frequent basis.

We could point to Ignition Engine, our server-side multiplayer game platform which allows us to create games on an incredibly fast turnaround in comparison to others in the industry.

We could also point to our knack for designing and developing deep and immersive environments for all of our games (that is priority number one).

Finally, and maybe most importantly, we could point to the process we employ to listen to our players and every single team member and create games that they want as opposed to what we think we should create.