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Cult Notes

Cultists excommunicated
Cultists who have survived all summonings

Fate of the Elder Gods is a Lovecraft-inspired RPG game based off of the popular board game from Greater than Games.  It allows you to take the role of the Cultist, performing summonings, slinging spells, and fighting to summon one of the most powerful beings in existence.

Throughout your journey, you will have run ins with the (very annoying) investigators, other cults, and be visited by other powerful entities in your quest to bring your God to life.  Fate of the Elder Gods will feature over 80 hours of story-driven content, in addition to the epic battles between you and your friends (or random strangers)!

Can you outsmart the leaders of the other cults?  Is your God the most powerful?  Only you know the answer to that, and now you can prove it!

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The target release date for Fate of the Elder gods is Q4 2022.  It will be available on the PC and Mac through Steam, Xbox One, PS5 and with a later targeted release to Nintendo Switch.

Fate of the Elder Gods is for all of the Lovecraft and Cthulhu fans out there.  It gives deep strategy gameplay with an immersive story and environment that lets you truly experience what it means to be a cultist!