Having a great looking digital presence is no longer the status-quo for a business. If you haven't evolved beyond your web site to incorporate social media, you are missing out on a huge advertising market. Studies show that social media integration into normal brick and mortar business applications drastically improve sales conversions. At CampFire Studios, we excel at creating unique social media experiences to help you promote your company and sales.

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Design exists all around us. In the products we use, the clothes we wear and the web sites we visit. It has a greater purpose than to just look good though. Great design evokes emotion, directs the eye and suggests usage. It is not enough to make a web application visually appealing. There are usability and functionality issues that need to be addressed by design as well.

CampFire Design

At CampFire Studios, we do more than just build great looking web sites. Every line has a purpose and every color is used to evoke an emotional response. By using design principles, we create web sites that are intuitive and direct the user to read a blog, buy a product or watch a video. It is all created with the sole purpose of making your web site as successful as possible.


When it comes to development, we are second to none. Our team of experienced developers are dedicated to creating web applications that function flawlessly. Using best practices and minimal code produce minimal load times and create a seamless user-experience for your customers.

CampFire Development

The development team at CampFire Studios will work with you to ensure your ideas become reality. Every aspect of our applications are fully crafted and customized products designed to deliver your message. Building a robust solution to handle all of your client needs.