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Intrusion Point

Intrusion point is a competitive digital card game based around the basic concepts from Triple triad and Magic the Gathering, in which every card is unique to every player. The theme is hacking, and the setting is a world in which an IoT company has created a product that is on the verge of taking over the world from an economic and digital viewpoint. A group of hackers are all who stand in the way of Imperacorp’s domination of the world.

Hacker logs

Servers Destroyed by overpowered algorithms
Players who found the Dark Web

Intrusion Point is a deep strategy competitive CCG, where every card is unique to you!  Go ahead, try to get the same card as another player, we dare you!  Players integrate their consciousness with the hardware of an Imperacorp server in order to gain control of it.  But, you’re not the only one trying to gain control, and Imperacorp has very advanced counter-hacking technology.  Players play with a hand of randomly generated Base Cards, with attributes weighted toward their hacker profile of choice, as well as their integrated hacking drive (deck in other games) composed of cards they’ve either earned or created.  Each turn you may play a base component to attempt to take chip slots, and an algorithm (or a virus) to interact with the chip slots around that base component.  A virus can be played in place of an algorithm, and is used to react to a move your opponent has made.  Use algorithms and virus’s wisely, though, as once you use one, Imperacorp’s systems will patch it, and you won’t be able to use it again until it mutates.  Based on the type of integration you choose, the win and lose conditions will be different.  At Campfire, we’ve developed a culture around the Control integration.  What will your favorite be?

Intrusion Point will be launched on Q4 2021 and will be available for iOS, Android and PC (through Steam).  Additional training modules and hacker profiles will be made available regularly, and can be bought through the in-game store.

Intrusion Point is really targeted at the people who like incredibly deep strategy games such as Chess or Go.  Internally, we have made the association to these games many times.  While it’s easy to learn to play, it will be extremely hard to master, and with new content being published regularly, advancing through the tower ranks will be incredibly difficult.  We’re very excited to see who excels.  Heck, who knows, maybe sometime the best hacker in the world, CR1MS0NC0V3N (a.k.a. Kyle Richter, our CEO and designer of Intrusion Point) will show up to bring the top hackers back down to earth.