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Ivy’s House Hunt

Ivy’s House Hunt is a procedurally generated maze game targeted for children, which is targeted at moral themes and creating a challenging environment to stimulate the minds of the young. You play as a puppy named Ivy, whose house has been carried away, of which you must find.

What's going on?

Number of Haircuts Ivy has needed from playing in the woods.
People who help Ivy get home

Learn from the Best Mate

Ivy’s House Hunt started out as purely a children’s game for children in hospitals.  What it became is a challenging maze game with resources to manage and 16 levels of varying complexity.  Right now, we’re actually working on the sequel to Ivy’s House Hunt, which will include features for companies wanting to use the game as an interactive engagement tool for children visiting their location.

Ivy’s House Hunt was previously available on iOS and Google Play (Android).  However, we’re actually completely redesigning the game with an entirely new play experience and feature-set.  The target for release is 12/2021.

Planned future release platforms:



We all get in moods to want to solve puzzles, right?  Ivy’s House Hunt is the perfect brain jump-starter.  Additionally, because every new game creates its own context, a player can jump in and play for 15-20 minutes and get value from it.  Or you could get really into it and spend hours navigating complex mazes in four different environments.  And the best part?  Every maze you play is unique, so you’ll never get the same one twice!