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Campfire Studios

Success at Gen Con 2019

Overall, I think that Gen Con 2019 was a success for Campfire.  We were fortunate to talk to some amazing people.  We’ve only been into development of Fate of the Elder Gods for about 4 months, but the response was incredible!  Everyone seemed to enjoy the Teaser we released, and it was awesome to get feedback from everyone!  At Campfire, we’re most concerned with creating games that people will enjoy, and I know that with the input from the players, we’re certainly able to do that!

We did something a bit different this time, as we offered miniatures of the in-game Cthulhu model, and the response was overwhelmingly positive!  I’m sorry to everyone who wanted one but wasn’t able to obtain one.  We will be offering more (as well as additional pieces for the other Elder Gods) for the Kickstarter, so make sure that you’re checking in to find more information about that!

On the topic of the Kickstarter, we will be launching it in mid-September, and we’re aiming to have much more to show you about the game, there, along with many more cool items available as tier rewards.  It has been our dream for a long time to create awesome games of our own design, and the support we’re garnering is proving that the thought is not in vain!

I want to send a thank you out to the entirety of the Campfire staff, both at Gen Con, and behind the scenes.  You should all be incredibly proud.  In addition, I’d like to thank all of the people who came up to talk to us.  I promise you, the conversations and feedback were appreciated and will not be forgotten as we move along!

We’re another milestone in, but we still have a ton of work left to do in order to meet our ambitious timeline.  We’re excited to introduce everyone to this massive effort, and look forward to the adventure that we’ll all be sharing, together.

Cheers and Allez-viens!

Kyle Richter
C.E.O. Campfire Studios



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