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Our Team

Game Developers
Kyle Richter

C.E.O, C.T.O., and Technology Oracle

Kyle is the original founder of Campfire Studios. He spent over a decade in various industries as an engineer, software architect, game developer, and technology leader. Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you ask him), he's also a serial entrepreneur, and seems to always have something extra going on.

Trevor Nelson

Director - Product Eng., Host - Baby Fever

Trevor plays a crucial role in defining direction for our games and is particularly good at taking a general concept and turning it into a functional piece of technology and entertainment. He just had a baby, who is now often part of our very long-winded team conference calls, now! We love the input.

Kira Burniston

Lead Concept/2D Artist

Kira came to Campfire Studios recently to work on Fate of the Elder Gods. She turns ideas into pretty pictures that the rest of the team can use. She is a self-proclaimed level 12 programmer-art translator. It's a hotly debated topic amongst the team as to whether Trevor's art or hers is better. 🙂


Campfire Studios was created by Kyle Richter, who is currently our President and C.E.O., in 2012.  Initially, he had an idea for an entertainment application that took the concepts of American Idol and Facebook and combined them together to create a way for aspiring book authors to break into the industry with a market of people ready to buy their products.

After being stonewalled by the publishing industry, he started contemplating what Campfire really meant to him.  Kyle always believed that software should be created to bring dreams to reality.  After being asked by several friends and family members to build small mobile apps and games for them, he realized that there a ton of people in the world with great ideas, but potentially limited capital.  In 2014, Kyle decided that he would refocus Campfire Studios to give people with a dream a cost-effective way to turn their passions into their careers.

Campfire has come a long way since then, having acquired partnerships and grown the team a lot.  But, the core ideals still persist.  To this day, Campfire does whatever it can to provide its services to curious entrepreneurs with a dream.


Our mission is simply to provide normal, every day people who have a great idea, with an easily accessible team of people they can rely on to make that idea a reality.

When you visualize a campfire, you think about huddling around a fire with your friends, where conversation comes easy and laughs are plentiful.  Now, we may not always be able to make our customers laugh, but we strive to always be that friend that supports them with their game development goals.

Oh, and we partner with larger companies, too.  We just happen to have a really awesome process and server-side platform.

We know what makes life enjoyable.  Happy wife, hap- Wait.  Wrong phrase.  People who are meeting and exceeding their life goals.  That’s what makes life enjoyable.

So, as cheesy as it sounds, Campfire’s mission is to make as many of our customers (and players!) as happy as we can, for as long as we can.  Whether that’s by producing awesome games that players enjoy playing, or making something that our customers thought was impossible a reality!