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Campfire Studios

The Campfire Patreon is live!

Campfire Studios has decided to open our doors for everyone to be involved!  The new Campfire Studios Patreon program is live!  If you’re interested in getting exclusive benefits in relation to our products, want to see what goes into the process of creating high quality video games, or just want to help out a growing game development studio with a vision, please check it out!


We just want to say in advance that we appreciate all of you, and we have had a blast creating things.  Everyone has been incredibly supportive, and we hope that we can return the love through our products, and talking with our Favorite Uncles!  You are all amazing, and it’s because of you that we get to continue to shake up the video game market.

Also, please check out our Campfire Studios Facebook page.  We are constantly posting updates about the games we have in development.  Additionally, our team members are frequently blogging on their processes for making assets for games like Fate of the Elder Gods, Intrusion Point, and Viva Java!  Don’t forget to like and subscribe to the page, so we can tell you about awesome new stuff!


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