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Viva Java – Upcoming iOS Version 1.1.1 patch

Pre-Patch Notice


The Campfire development team is looking at fixing some things with the last iOS release.  The bugs are detailed below:

  • The landscape orientation is a fixed direction (backwards)
    • Fix to be implemented:
      • Orientation will be constrained to landscape (long-ways), but will be dynamic by how the phone is turned.
  • Button glitches
    • There are issues where the Main Menu, Resume, and forfeit buttons sometimes become unresponsive.
      • Fixes:
        • Buttons are being moved to a higher layer to prevent UI clipping

In addition, we’ve gotten feedback that the store not having any items is confusing, as the store currently seems like it doesn’t have any functionality (it’s there, there’s just nothing to buy yet!).  For this, we’ll be adding a couple things that have been in development.  Upcoming is a new level pack (including additional missions with different ability options and AI selections).  We’re also looking at some theme pieces, that may go in not too far in the future.

Lastly on single-player, we’re currently working on new AI profiles, and will be giving updates as that gets closer to being ready to release to you guys.


Finally, we have been getting a ton of questions about multiplayer.  We promise, it’s coming!  We’ve been building out our server-side engine framework in a way that allows us to not only drive game rules, but also allows for hotfixes without the need for a new app version.

We’ve been through several rounds of testing, but we want to make sure you guys don’t experience any huge bugs that affect your gameplay.  The current aim is to have multiplayer live by 04/24/2019.  We will keep you up to date as we get closer to release.  Hang with us!  Your play experience is something that we take very seriously.  We as players don’t like hitting fatal issues playing games, so we don’t want to present them to you.


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