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Viva Java

Viva Java is a coffee game based on the board game from Greater than Games in which each player combines and researches different kinds of beans to come up with new and interesting blends.

Brew Stats

Beans eaten by the machine
Bean Researchers lost on Safari

Viva Java is a board game created by Greater than Games.  Through a continued partnership with Greater than Games, Campfire Studios gained the digital rights to re-imagine the game and publish it.  Now, it’s an interesting strategy game based around one of our favorite things in the world.  Right?!

Currently, Viva Java is available on the Apple App Store for iOS and OSX devices and the Android Play Store. There are plans to deploy also to the following platforms:

PC (Steam)

Viva java is a light-hearted and fun strategy game with RNG elements.  Lean back, drink your coffee, and imagine new brews.  Including eight different AI profiles with varying competitiveness levels and tendencies, Viva Java can be quite addicting.  Just ask our Marketing Director, Kristy.  She’s been hanging out in her office with the same coffee cup and clothes since last Monday!